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On 27th July 2010, the Oral Health Division closed the chapter on PINNACLE 2010 and launched PINNACLE 2020, as the ‘new engine’ to sustain the transformation of oral health service delivery in Sarawak as achieved in the PINNACLE 2010 Strategic Plan.

Pinnacle 2020 has three objectives, namely:

To enhance the quality of life of the people of Sarawak through continues improvement in Oral Health Service delivery
To continue to mould an exemplary workforce
To maintain a culture of organizational excellence

Its Vision is ‘To create a Better Tomorrow for All’ while its mission is “To sustain the transformation of oral health service delivery in Sarawak as achieved in the Pinnacle 2010 Strategic Plan”.

There are 5 impact goals to monitor the success of Pinnacle 2020:
Goal No.1:
That 35% of the 6 year old school children in Sarawak shall have caries-free
Goal No.2
That 70% of the 12 year old  school children in Sarawak shall have caries-free permanent teeth
Goal No.3
That the mean DMFXT  (decayed, missing, filled teeth) of 12  year old school children in Sarawak shall be  0.8 or less
Goal No.4
That  55% of the 16 year old school children in Sarawak shall have caries -free permanent teeth.
Goal No.5
That  100% of the 35 – 44 year old adults in Sarawak shall have a minimum of 20  teeth
In addition to the five impact goals, service goals in the major areas of oral health service provision were also identified.  These are listed below:
That 95% of pre-schools in Sarawak will be visited by the School Dental Service
That 100% of primary schools in  Sarawak will be visited by the School Dental Service
That 70% of the secondary schools in Sarawak will be visited by the School Dental Service
PINNACLE 2020 is operationalised through the Annual Business Plan, which focuses on 5 major areas of concern, namely: 
a. management emphasis and expectation,
b. financial management and control measures,
c. delivery of oral health service,
d. human resource management and
e. research and quality initiatives.

Management emphasis and expectations

An annual theme is chosen to reflect the key emphasis of the management for the respective year. The annual themes are as follows:
2002 – “Change:-Crucible for Making Things Happen”
2003 – “Pinnacle 2010:-A Better Tomorrow For All”
2004 – “Working Together Works”
2005 – “People: raison d’être organization excellence”
2006 – “Effective Communication: lifeblood of an organization”
2007 – "Our Customer Our Future"
2008 – "Kaizen Through Innovativeness"
2009 -  Everything Matters, Everyone Matters
2010 -  Everything Matters, Everyone Matters
2011 - Leadership : sine qua non organisational Excellence
2012 - Everyday Excellence

2013 - Accelerating Change Through Innovativeness
2014 - Together We Deliver, Together We Transform

The management would like to inculcate an organizational culture of strong leadership, a caring management, working as a team and appreciating and rewarding the workforce. In these respect, although it is the ‘people’ who are the greatest asset of the organization, it is the leadership that makes the difference. As such, the management has adopted the following practices:

a. ROM (Return On Management);  
b. 5Ps; ‘Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’. 
c. The ‘People First Policy’ as practiced by “Federal Express”. Examples are a caring management, practicing an open door policy, willing to listen to the staff, adopting ‘how can I help’, etc.  
d. Incentives and awards; spontaneous and structured awards and special awards such as Best leadership, best individuals, best school dental clinic, best main clinic, best team/esprit de corps and best counter service. 
e. MBWA (management by wandering around); all managers are to go to the ‘ground’ in order to ‘feel’ and appreciate the conditions experience by the workforce.  
f. Enhancing Organisational membership through ‘rites and rituals” such as singing the PINNACLE 2020 theme song, family day outings, annual staff dinner, festive gatherings, etc. The Pinnacle logo is printed on letter heads, envelopes, T-shirts, vehicles, calendars, visitors book, and staff planners. 
g. 'Keeping the staff in the know’; regular morning meetings, assessment meetings, monthly assemblies, etc.
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