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This program consists of five sub programs such as Rural Environmental Sanitation Program, Drinking Water Quality Surveillance, Protection Of Environmental Health, Radiation Safety and Minor Civil Engineering Works.

Rural Environmental Sanitation programme including the provision of safe water supply and sanitation program. Low cost methodology is used in the provision of water supply projects such as gravity feed, Rain Water Collection System, Mechanical Pump, Wells and connection of treated water supply to the existing water supply pipe from the water purveyor. Sanitation program including the provision and construction of pour-flush latrines, sullage water disposal, septic tank and refuse disposal. About 95% of the rural population have been provided with safe water supply and sanitary latrines since 1961. Besides that, a ‘Healthy Village Concept’ which was introduced in 1997 is a program to carry out various projects to improve overall environment in the rural areas.

The National Drinking Water Quality Surveillance program was introduced in 1986 to monitor the quality of all treated public water supply systems in urban and sub-urban areas in Sarawak. Surveillance activities are jointly carried out by personnel from the local health office and the respective water purveyor.

Increasing concern for the state of the environment has led to the setting up of the Environmental Health Protection Unit under the Public Health Engineering Program. Greater emphasis will be placed on the investigation of open burning, monitoring of indoor air quality in Ministry of Health facilities, vetting of environmental health impact assessment reports, investigation of public complaints on emission and water pollution, and conducting research on environmental health.

Radiation safety is another component under this program. It is concerned with protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation from equipment such as X-ray machines, telecommunication towers, electricity high-tension power lines and so forth.

This program also involved in minor civil engineering works such as renovation of health facilities in rural areas and monitoring of project done by SIHAT.

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