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Basic Biostatistics & Research Methodology Workshop
Venue: Computer Lab, ICT Department, Sarawak Heart Center, Kota Samarahan
Date: 14th to 16th May 2017

Standard Operating Procedure For Closure of Education And childcare Premises During Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) Outbreak in Sarawak

Tempahan Gambar APC 2016

Untuk pembelian gambar penerima APC 2016 bagi Zon Selatan yang berlangsung pada 21 Mac 2017 yang lalu, tuan/puan boleh membuat tempahan di pautan atas atau Gambar rujukan boleh disemak di laman tersebut sebelum tempahan dibuat.

Laporan Tahunan Jabatan 2014 - Muat turun

"The 29th World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention 2017"
          Theme: Preventing Suicide: From Communities to Continents 
           Venue: Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)
            Date:  18-22 Julai 2017
           CPD point: 20 points for any inquiries or 
visit our website: (for registration)

Sarawak Health Journal Vol 2 | Sarawak Health Journal Vol 3 2016

Home / Programmes / Nursing Section
Vision of Sarawak Nursing Service
Towards great improvement in health of the people through excellent nursing profession.
  • To raise the value of nursing profession to a much higher level.
  • To enhance the knowledge, to encourage innovation and to instill first class mentality among nurses.
  • To manage nursing issues constructively and productively.
  • To improve the quality of nursing are and to conform to the standards of nursing services.
  • To improve and reinforce the implementation and monitoring mechanism in nursing services.
Organization Chart
Objectives of Nursing Section
To manage (plan and implement) nursing service efficiently and effectively to enable it to contribute towards uplifting the health status of the people of Sarawak.
Scope of function
1.  Clinical and enforcement
  • Monitor nursing practice in hospitals and clinics
  • Facilitates mandatory registration of nurses with Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia as a requirement under Akta Jururawat (1950) dan Peraturan Pendaftaran 1985 dan Akta Bidan 1966 (Pindaan 1990) .
  • Facilitate and coordinate Continuous Professional Development programme (CPD).
  • Process application and renewal for Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).
  • Enforce “Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses” in hospitals and clinics. • Ensure and monitor the use of “Standard Operating Procedure” and”Clinical Practice Guideline”.
  • Ensure best nursing practice through proper planning for appropriate biomedical technology needs and development of nursing sub-specialties.
2.  Management and supervision
Distribute nursing personnel to hospitals and clinics based on the needs of each institution.
Look after the career development and welfare of all nurses.
Supervision of nurses to ensure full compliance to the nursing standard.
3.  Quality control / Infection control
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor National Nursing Audit in hospitals and clinics.
  • Analyse and evaluate the National Indicator Approach (NIA)
  • Coordinate all infection control activities in the hospitals and clinics.
  • Secretariat for the State Infection Control Committee.
4.  Training
  • Supervise the career development and progress of nurses through training, in-house courses, research and development (R&D).
  • Plan and coordinate training of nurses in hospitals and clinics.
  • Nominate examiners for Pre-registration examination for nurses.
  • Identify candidates for post-basic courses and for conferences.
  • Plan and coordinate nursing reseacrh in hospitals and clinics.
  • Organise nursing conference, seminar and workshops.
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