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The Oral Health Division, Sarawak Health Department renders oral healthcare to the population of Sarawak through a comprehensive network of main dental clinics, specialist dental clinics, school dental clinics and mobile dental teams throughtout the state of Sarawak. Oral healthcare for the population can be broadly divided into primary oral healthcare and specialist oral healthcare. However, care is delivered through an integrated approach.
The objective of the Oral Health Division, Sarawak is to continously enhance the oral health status of the popultion through the provision of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative oral health services. Priority is given to school children, preschool children, ante-natal mothers, the elderly and clients with special needs.
In line with the objective above, the Oral Health Division, Sarawak launched its master plan ¨C PINNACLE 2010 on 27 th July 2002. The aim of this master plan is two-fold namely:
1. to fast-track the improvement of the oral health status of the peoples in Sarawak, especially the school children, such that their oral health shall be amongst the   BEST in Malaysia by the year 2010 and
2. to mould an exemplary workforce 
Four impact goals have been set to measure the success of PINNACLE 2010 as follows:
1 :
That 30% of the 6-year-olds shall have caries-free mouths (DMFX = 0 and df = 0) by 2010
2 :
That 100% of the 6-year-olds shall have caries-free permanent teeth (DMFX = 0) by 2010
3 :
That the mean number of decayed, missing or filled teeth of the 12-year-olds shall be 1 or less (DMFX < 1) by 2010
4 :
That 85% of the 16-year-olds shall have healthy periodontium/ gums.
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