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Sarawak Health Department is organised into three levels. They are as follows:


The State Director of Health is assisted by five Deputy Directors who are in charge of Public Health, Medical Care, Oral Health, Pharmacy and Management programmes respectively. The main functions of the State-level management team are:

  • Policy-making and planning
  • Development of programmes and facilities (identification/introduction and implementation of new programmes;)
  • Acquisition and deployment of resources: manpower, financial, equipment;
  • Setting quality standards and targets;
  • Provision of technical advice to peripheral units and other agencies;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of existing programmes; and
  • Training
  • Planning for upgrading of or new facilities and services

Divisional Level

Sarawak is divided into eleven administrative Divisions. Each Divisional-level management team comprises a Divisional Health Officer, Divisional Dental Officer, Divisional Pharmacist and a Hospital Director. The main functions of the management team at this level are:

- Implementation and monitoring of all programmes;

- Monitoring of quality standards;

- Assisting in the identification and introduction of new programmes; and

- Training.

- Planning for upgrading of or new facilities and services

District Level

Each Division is further divided into administrative districts. The management team at this level comprises the District Health Officer, District Dental Officer and a Hospital Director and their respective sectional heads. Their main functions are to:

- Implement and monitor health programmes at district level;

- Ensure that quality standards are maintained;

- Identify and implement quality improvement projects; and

- Training

- Planning for upgrading of or new facilities and services

All hospitals are headed by a Hospital Director. Except for Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, and two special institutions (a mental hospital and a leprosorium), that are directly responsible to the State Health Office, all other hospitals are responsible to their respective Divisional Health Officers.

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