Kecemasan & Trauma


Emergency & Trauma care services in Hospital Sarikei shall function according to a set of operational policy in adequate facility environment. This operation shall be based on protocol This system of patient integration will not only ensure but also enhance quality, efficiency and cost effective care given to patients. This policy also is enabling the pursuit of process excellence in the management of patient as well as the personnel management of the staff in a fully complement facility and smart environment. This system of management shall be based on the priority and the urgency of the patient’s clinical conditions. This is in line with its client’s charter that states “Toward the excellence of Emergency Care Services” rendered will be based on its urgency and priority. 

The Emergency & Trauma Care Services encompass a comprehensive service that includes Pre Hospital Care and Ambulance Services (PHCAS), Critical Care Management, Trauma and Disaster Management, Pediatrics Emergencies, Clincal Toxicology/Toxinology, One Stop Crisis Centre, and also Medical Coverage for certain selected event. 

Management and care plans shall be of holistic approaches that are client focus, with emphasis on quality, health promotion and respect for human dignity.



The Emergency & Trauma Department (ETD) in Hospital Sarikei operate 24 hours to serve patients with spectrum of trauma and medical emergencies.

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