Psikiatri & Kesihatan Mental


The Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Sarikei Hospital (“Department”) begins its operation on 15th of January 2020 with the placement of the its first resident psychiatrist in Sarikei Hospital. In line with the National Mental Health Policy 2017, the mental health service in the Sarikei Division is envisioned to create a psychologically healthy and balanced society which emphasizes on mental health promotion, prevention of psychological problems and reduction of stigma.

Mental health is an important component of an individual well-being and it affects all levels of society, it is important to provide psychiatric and counselling service which is easily accessible to the public to ensure good quality of public mental health.

The objective of this departmental operation policy is to standardize the execution of psychiatric services in Hospital Sarikei (“Hospital”). The expected outcome should be a high level, consistent and safe psychiatric care. This Operational Policy will hopefully fulfil the needs of our community and the aspiration of the Ministry of Health in seeing the continuous progress of psychiatric services in Malaysia, particularly in Sarikei Division.



  • Promotion of mental health;
  • Early detection and prompt treatment (including emergency psychiatric care available 24 hours per day);
  • Specialist outpatient care;
  • Inpatient care;
  • Community psychiatry (including community outreach);
  • Psychosocial interventions (counseling);
  • Consultation services;
  • Specialist visit to district hospital to provide consultation and continuing medical education;
  • Patient education and family support;
  • Training, continuing medical education and continuing professional development;
  • Research (including investigator-initiated research and industry-sponsored research; and
  • Other services as may be deemed consistent with the national mental health policy implemented by the Ministry of Health from time to time.


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