Haemodialysis Unit (HDU)


Haemodialysis Unit, Sibu was set up in May, 1984 and was the first Haemodialysis Unit (HDU) in Sarawak. Initially it was located in the ‘Sick Bay’ of Lau King Howe Hospital, Sibu. In September 1994, HDU was moved to the present Sibu Hospital where it was housed at Room 50. However, in 2004, due to the increasing demand of haemodialysis service, an empty ward has been renovated and upgraded to 20 active dialysis point. It is now located at Ward 24, 2nd floor of Sibu Hospital. The new unit started its operation on 1st Jan 2005.


  • To provide comprehensive dialysis services i.e. acute or chronic in Sibu Hospital
  •   To promote the prevention, detection and treatment of early stage kidney disease

Scope of Services

  • General Nephrology.
  • Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) in the form of Haemodialysis.
  • Health promotion, prevention and detection of kidney diseases.
  • Preparation and workup of patients for kidney transplant.

Components of Service

The range of services provided in Sibu Hospital includes:

  • Outpatient / Ambulatory Care Services
    • Clinics:
      • General Nephrology / Chronic Kidney Disease.
      • Haemodialysis (HD).
  • Dialysis:
    • Haemodialysis.
  • General Nephrology procedures (e.g. insertion and removal of HD catheters).
  • Inpatient Services:
    • Care of patients with kidney diseases.
    • Insertion of HD and stab PD catheters.
    • Acute intermittent HD and PD.
  • Training and Continuing Education:
    • Medical officers
    • Allied health personnel
    • Patients and family
  • Rehabilitation and support for the well being of patients with kidney disease