Pembedahan Am

General Surgery


Department of General Surgery provides comprehensive patient care for surgical patients including urology, burn, plastic and paediatric surgery.

The department comprises of the following wards:

  • Paediatric Surgical Ward – 12 official beds.
    • Male Surgical Ward – 36 official beds.
    • Female Surgical Ward – 28 official beds (20 beds – Surgical patients & 8 beds – Neurosurgery patients)


  • To provide an efficient, caring, professional and best possible care to patients who require surgical services according to local and internationally accepted clinical practice guidelines.

Scope of Services

  • Provision of round the clock in-patient service and facility for assessment, management, nursing care and rehabilitation of patients with surgical disorders.
    • Provision of elective and emergency surgical procedures/operations, and endoscopic services (diagnostic and therapeutic).
    • Provision as referral center for central zone of Sarawak, initial management and stabilization of patients being referred to other tertiary hospitals.
      • Provision of out-patient service through surgical clinics, including visiting subspecialties.
    • Provision of day of surgery admission (DOSA) or Daycare Surgery for selected cases (patient admitted to hospital and have surgery on the same day).
    • Provision of training ground for junior medical staffs, UNIMAS medical students, SEGI medical students, Medical Assistants, Student nurses (KKM & ITA). 
    • Provision of research in the field of Surgery.