Perubatan Am

Jabatan Perubatan


Medical wards are located on the Block J, K and M of the hospital building.

  1. Female Medical Ward (No. 22) is located on the second floor, East Wing of Hospital Block K. 
    1. Male Medical Ward (No 23) is located on the second floor, West Wing of Hospital Block K.
    1. Female Medical Ward (No 25) is located on the second floor, West Wing of Hospital Block M. Starting from 1st June 2015, all dengue cases are admitted in this ward. Total number of official beds allocated for dengue is 12, all in the isolation rooms at the back of the ward.
    1. Chest Ward (No. 21) is located on the second floor, West Wing of Hospital Block J.  This has 4 rooms with negative pressure.  Since 23rd January 2015, it is an active ward for TB patients only.
    1. Medical Ward (No. 15) is located on the first floor, East Wing of the Hospital Block M.
    1. Infectious Disease Ward (IDW) is located at 3rd floor of pathology block next to mortuary. There are 6 official beds (2 negative rooms and 4 isolation rooms).
    1. High Dependency ward (No.20) – HDW20) located on the 2nd floor, East Wing of Hospital Block J.


To provide comprehensive medical care in terms of investigating, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitating aspects, utilizing the available human resources and facilities.

Scope of Services

  1. To provide facilities for the assessment, treatment, nursing care and rehabilitation of patients.
    1. To provide relevant health education to patients and relatives.
    1. To provide training for student nurses, medical students, medical assistant and allied health care students.
    1. To provide statistics to Medical Record Unit

Outpatient Services

  • General Medical Clinic – Every Monday Am and Friday Am
  • Cardiac Clinic – Wednesday Am
  • Diabetic Clinic – Wednesday Pm
  • ACC Clinic – Wednesday Am
  • TB Clinic – Tuesday Pm
  • Hepato Clinic – Tuesday Pm
  • Rheumato Clinic – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Am, Wed pm
  • HIV Clinic – Thursday Am
  • Combined Clinic (with O&G) – Wednesday Pm ( 2 times per month)
  • Echo Clinic – Wednesday Am
  • Stress test – Thursday Pm
  • Visiting Clinic from Tertiary Hospital: Nephrology Clinic, Dermatology Clinic, Neurology Clinic, Geriatric Clinic, Haematology Clinic and Pace Maker Clinic

Supervisory visit to district hospitals

  1. Kanowit Hospital – 6 weekly
  2. Mukah Hospital – 2 month
  3. Sarikei Hosp – weekly