Each section/unit is located at a different location as listed below:

Ambulatory Pharmacy Ground floor, Specialist Block
npatient Pharmacy Basement, Inpatient Block
Sterile Complex Section Basement, Inpatient Block
Satellite I Pharmacy Level 6, Inpatient Block
Satellite II Pharmacy Ground Floor, New Block
Satellite III Pharmacy Level 8, Inpatient Block
RTU Pharmacy Ground Floor, RTU Block
Drug Information Service Basement, Inpatient Block
Procurement and Supply Basement, Inpatient Block
Pharmacotherapy Section Basement, Inpatient Block

Introduction :

Pharmacy Department, Hospital Umum Sarawak consists of 173 staff holding various post, eg. pharmacist, pharmacist assistant, administrative assistant and general worker.

Pharmacy Department is subdivided into 6 functional sections, ie. Procurement & Supply, In-patient Pharmacy, Out-patient Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy Section, Management & Training and Sterile Production.


Providing best pharmaceutical services for the health and well-being of the nation.


Pharmacy department are to serve all stakeholders through commitments to 9 standards of practice 

  • The employees will serve the patients by providing proficient and compassionate pharmaceutical care.
  • The employees will serve each other by adhering faithfully to the department’s code of conduct as stated below.
  • The employees will serve other health professionals by treating them as customers and ensuring that their needs are met within the context of good pharmacy practice.
  • The management team will serve the department by establishing an environment conducive to pursuing the vision.
  • The management team will serve its employees by establishing and maintaining an environment that fosters professional growth, a cooperative spirit at all levels and respect for the individual and his/her uniqueness.
  • The department will serve the hospital by fulfilling the vision, mission and values of the institution by serving the patients and other care professionals and by conducting its business in a responsible fashion.
  • The department will serve the hospital by becoming a recognized leader in hospital pharmacy in the community and establishing itself as a source of pride for the hospital.
  • The department will serve the trainee pharmacists and pharmacy assistants by providing an environment conducive to learning all aspects of pharmacy practice: the ethical and legal, the technical, the cognitive, the interpersonal and the compassionate.
  • The department will serve the profession of pharmacy by developing programs and processes that continuously advance and improve patient care

Services provided :

Pharmacy Department, SGH opens 24 Hours daily since 2010 and ETD Pharmacy 24 hours service started since 2nd April 2018 with appropriate number of staff to work under shift duty/schedule.Our scope of services including Ambulatory pharmacy services,Inpatient pharmacy services,Non-sterile production,Ward pharmacy services,Clinical pharmacokinetic services,Sterile production,Logistic pharmacy services,Management & raining,Drug & poison information services, Traditional & complementary medicine ,Clinical research center and Nuclear pharmacy.

Activities :

i). “Kempen Kesedaran Keselamatan Pengubatan” : 6-7 Nov 2018

– To create awareness among staff and public on the safe use of medicine.

ii). Pharmacy CPD Program

Pharmacy Dept organizes 6 CPD Program/Workshop in a year for all pharmacy staff in government hospitals and clinics in Kuching-Samarahan zone. These sessions/workshops are to provide updates and information for pharmacy staff.